Examples of Deployments


  • Anpas

    Ensuring a steady supply of food, medicine and other subsistence goods to vulnerable communities in Italy

  • Campax

    Portal for workers in urgent need during the Corona crisis.

  • Covid-19 Covid-19 Crowd Sourced Data Gathering In Kenya

    Gathering information to help support business and community during the COVID-19 novel corona virus Provided by Kenya Private Sector Alliance and hosted and powered by Liquid Telecom using Ushahidi platform

  • Frena La Curva

    Locating needs, offers and resources during lockdowns for global Spanish speakers.


  • Chileayuda

    Deployment by the grass root organisation Digitales por Chile. They get together to help when Natural Disasters happen in Chile and this deployment was created during the wild fires that affected the country in 2019.

  • School And Nasa Aiding Climate Action By Kids (Snack)

    Mapping Tree Density in School Playground by Kids for Greener Cities. There is also a blogpost where the background of this deployment is described: https://www.ushahidi.com/blog/2019/11/12/heres-what-being-part-of-the-ushahidi-team-is-all-about


  • #openciclismo: San Antonio's Crowdsourced Bike Map

    In collaboration with Bike San Antonio and local bike leaders, the Rivard Report is asking for your help to make San Antonio a safer city for cyclists! Click the orange button to add your incident, concern or idea on the map. All submissions are reviewed before posting.

  • Dbt In Media

    Articles, Reports, Narratives on Direct Benefits Transfer in Media

  • Evs- Hidden Places

    EVS- Hidden Places A tool for every volunteer to mark their favorite spots in their host city in order to create a unique travel experience. Describe your place in a few short sentences and share this webpage as often as possible


  • Atulayaindia

    Ushahidi for AtulayaIndia

  • Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives

    This map shows the presence of Azim Premji’s philanthropic initiatives across India.

  • Co-Designing Resilience

    This initiative is part of the EcoDA research project at Sheffield School of Architecture (codesigningresilience.net). By sharing your project, you will become part of a community of practitioners and academics who aim to initiate a platform for commoning resilience practices.

  • Crisis Mapping

    Mapping platform to assist the relief responders connect with Somalia's drought victims.

  • Ddtrescueme

    Disaster Dispatch Team Hashtag Feed #DDTRESCUEME

  • Document Hate

    Report on post election violence in America.

  • Jiactivate

    JIACTIVATE is a social movement by and for youth that is shaping a Kenya they want to see.

  • Puertorico

    PR Nuestro

  • Reporta19S

    Reporta daños, centros de acopio/brigada y personas en riesgo. Sube tu reporte haciendo click en +, agrega fotos y video. Suscribete para actualizar la información que subas o para recibir notificaciones. Si estás buscando albergue o centro de acopio prioriza los que se subieron más recientemente, ve la cronología.



  • 4 Bernie Sanders

  • Quakemap

    Matching the earthquake-hit people's needs with ongoing relief efforts being conducted by various government, non-government and volunteer groups.