Ushahidi empowers people through citizen-generated data to develop solutions that strengthen their communities


Holding governments accountable to strong governance practices, including fair and free elections.

Case studyUshahidi's Uchaguzi Platform


Supporting communities affected by conflict, natural disasters and humanitarian challenges.

Case studyCrisis Preparedness Platform


Protecting human rights during periods of violence and discrimination.

Case studyTowards a Safer City

Climate Change

Including marginalized groups in climate action to build community resilience

The Tana River Project

Climate Change & Livelihoods Restoration Project

A case study of the Tana River Climate Change & Livelihoods Restoration Project (T-CLIRP) by World Vision Kenya that sought to build the resilience of women and youth as the direct beneficiaries to better adapt to climate change in nine villages of Garsen North and Kipini East Wards, Tana River County.

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World Economic Forum 2023

The Earth Data Revolution

The world produces more than 100 terabytes of earth observation data every day. The volume and variety of datasets as well as the speed and veracity in which data is received will transform the way we analyse information, set policies and make decisions.

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The Ushahidi Platform

The Ushahidi Platform helps communities turn information into action with an intuitive and accessible crowdsourcing and mapping tool. By enabling the rapid collection, management and analysis of crowdsourced information, Ushahidi empowers everyone—individuals, community groups, governments, activists, organizations—to create meaningful change.

Theory of Change

Our goal is to raise an additional 20 million voices by 2026. How?
Here’s our three-part hypothesis

Part 1
Part 1 : Ushahidi

We provide technology and expertise to mission-aligned organizations and communities.

Part 1
Part 2 : Partners

Partners use the Ushahidi Platform to collect data to raise citizen voices.

Part 1
Part 3 : Systems Level Change

As voices are amplified, organizational effectiveness grows and social impact is strengthened.

Supporters & Believers

MacKenzie Scott: American Novelist & Philanthropist
Stefan Thomas: Chair/Founder of Interledger Foundation
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