Working with Volunteers on the Geolocation team

"I’m reminded that one individual is capable of making a difference; that the Internet can be a tool for mutual support; and that partnerships for social good make sitting at a computer and working with people around the world an experience filled with genuine humanity. It is an incredibly rejuvenating reminder."

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Nat Manning appointed interim executive director of Ushahidi

The board is pleased to announce the appointment of Nat Manning as interim Executive Director of Ushahidi. 

Nat as been part of Ushahidi since 2011. For the past three years, as Chief Operations Officer (COO), Nat has been an integral part of the growth of Ushahidi, both in product and services capabilities and financial sustainability.

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We Would Like to Apologize to Angela

Dear Angela, We would like to publicly share an apology to you, for the sexual harassment that you experienced while employed at Ushahidi. Sexual harassment is abhorred anywhere, and we are devastated that it happened here at Ushahidi, where we stand for human rights and aim to build a world where the disadvantaged can raise their voice.

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