Keeping the Peace - The UN Department of Field Service’s and Peacekeeping Operations use of Ushahidi

The United Nations Department of Field Services (UN DFS), the peacekeeping operations, have been using Ushahidi to run their UN Situational Awareness and Geospatial (SAGE) program over the past five years. It’s pretty incredible to wake up every day and go to work, and realize that the software you are building is helping keep peace in some of the most fraught places in the world

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Ushahidi OS Part 1: Define the Problem - Structure without Bureaucracy and Making the Implicit, Explicit

A few years back we came upon a real tension in the organization. We were over 5 years old, people had burned out and reignited, or didn’t, a new guarde came in to help scale, and we had grown in size from our early startup years. And we realized that we had very little idea what everyone was doing each day and who was responsible for what. Here is how we went about fixing it.

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