We always like to give our Ushahidi community big lovebombs ❤️💣 for always making these bug fix releases happen whether it's just by choosing our tool to fight and help make changes in their own communities, reporting the bugs, or by lending us their expertise in fixing them… Thank you 💐

Bug Fixes and improvement; Changelog

Fixes and improvements to the search/filter box.

Most of our users are familiar with this issue and we are happy to announce that it has been fixed. There is more work to be done on our sort and filter feature which we are planning to add to our product in the future, you can find these requests in our public roadmap here and here

User list is now sortable

You can now sort users in the user's list.

Adding/restoring saving and configuration buttons to saved searches

The saved search feature has been improved, you can now add, configure, update, and delete your searches.

Improved collection creation view hover-on hint visibility

The issue where the text on collection creation was not readable has been fixed.

When embedded in an iframe, disable user physical location acquisition that seems to consistently fail

There was an issue with "user current location" on deployments that have been embedded on websites. This was removed to allow users to submit posts while still using the location field in their survey.

You can find the link to all the github tickets here