Breaking changes

System build updates, tooling and other dependencies

There have been major updates on our build-system for the Platform-Client in this release and with that comes the removal of outdated dependencies. In order to do this, we dropped support for node < 10, so this goes to all open source users, make sure to update your environment to a node version larger than 10!

Update to gulp 4

Which is one of the central tools we use to coordinate the part of the system that builds the frontend code. Gulp calls other tools that make our code work in a browser, makes the code smaller, gets configuration variables like the URL for the deployment or the available languages in a release and other many more cool stuff.

Update Karma to latest version

Karma is the framework that helps us run our tests and check the functionality of the code. To better understand what karma is and how useful to developers it is when it comes to testing while they are writing codes, just click here and see what it is all about and how it may help you.

Switch from jshint and jscs to eslint

When modernising these tools, we also took the opportunity to switch from our old code-linters to eslint. A code-linter checks that the code follows the code-standards we are using and that the code is formatted correctly. This helps both us at Ushahidi and our contributors who writes code to use the same standards.

Deprecation of /media-endpoint

In this release, we have deprecated the GET /media-endpoint (without an image-id) for getting information about all media (images) in a deployment. This endpoint was called by mistake because of a bug with loading posts without images, posted to a survey with an image-field. We decided to remove this endpoint since it is costly to retrieve all this information and it is not used by the Platform-Client. If you are an open source-user having made any customisations using this endpoint, please double-check and fix this before updating to the latest version. The pull-requests connected to this issue are to be found here:




Fixing saving posts for non admins

For all non-admins who have experienced issues when editing other peoples posts, getting the error Failed to validate posts entity : post.user_id.exists

Now all users with permissions to submit posts should also be able to edit posts. For more information on the thought process to solve the issue and fix it, click the link to the github link.

Removing lock-id from post-lock endpoint

This particular bug failed to unlock a post when a user left a post without saving it first when they finished editing it.

From the image above, the arrow pointing to the lock shows you the post-lock. Follow the link to the pull request to understand the issue and steps on how to test it yourself.

White overlay in user search

Most of you have probably come across this issue when you trying to search for a specific user on the search bar and hit enter, the search happens but the white overlay stays in place. User has to click elsewhere to dismiss it.

This was fixed and the white overlay clears out once you hit enter. Here is the pull request.

Links to the release: