Read our "10 tips for onboarding open source contributors" in

As an organization, we believe our community a big part of Ushahidi's success and impact. For the longest time we have struggled to maintain our product with a small group of developers trying to keep up with bug fixes and new feature requests by our amazing contributors; in the long run, this meant we ended up not serving our open source community as well as we should. To fix this we decided to find new ways to re-engage with our community and also involve new contributors who are just starting to engage with open-source development.

Anna Iosif and Romina Suarez wrote an article on the strategy and process of re-engaging with our community and how to onboard open source contributors. Last week, honored us by publishing the article on their website. Read our 10 tips for onboarding open source contributors here.

Happy holidays!

Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

As this will be our final blog for the year 2019 we want to wish all the Ushahidi community and future upcoming contributors a very happy holiday season to you and all your loved ones.

We hope to see you in 2020. We'll be right here, working for all of you who are working to improve your communities around the world, helping raise the voices of marginalized folks, and finding ways to be heard by those in power.