OSS Contributors

We are thankful for all the contributors who helped us make Ushahidi better in this last release, you are all amazing. We also want to send a special thanks to the folks at Newsela, who organized a Hackathon where they tackled some big hairy issues in our codebase (some of them pending release!).

Fixed link to Heroku 1 click deploy

@Lexoyo reported a bug in the readme File , when clicking on ‘deploy to heroku’ you would have been directed to https://heroku.com/deploy instead of 1 click install UI of heroku.. Click on this link to see the issue and fix on Github

Fix sortablejs version to 1.10

Greenkeeper bot filed an issue after updating a sortablejs in the project and the build failed. Thank you @aitorres for helping us solve this problem. Here is a link

Lowering amount of clicks needed to change language

Cheers to @c3ho for helping us move this along and finally closing the issue on this feature enhancement. Take a look here.

Showing full date and time on hover state for post metadata

@AlanaFarkas we are grateful to you for taking this up. You can now view the date and time of the postcard when you hover over it. See issue

Bug fix: show intercom link only if Intercom ID is set

@trendspotter salute for filing this issue and @ritesh-pandey for helping us solve and close this issue. See process here

Bug fix: validating images before attempting an upload

For those who have experienced this particular bug while attempting to upload an image, where you get a very quick 'snackbar' which appears with a triangle ! icon and no supporting text telling you that the image has failed and no information on how to fix the error on the image upload. You will now get a clear image validation message of what is required of you to successfully upload an image.