• We have created some videos on how to set up the Ushahidi Platform in different operative systems, and we are going to be adding more soon. You can find the videos in the new set up guides.
  • We’ve updated a lot of the platform user-facing docs with content updates, edits, image styling and captions but we are still working on improving it, stay tuned for more updates. You can see the progress in the Ushahidi Platform user manual.
  • TenFour which is one of our Ushahidi products joined the open source software community and released new features that make it better and efficient. Read all about it here.

Contributors list

  • Learn how to get involved and be a part of the Ushahidi community by contributing to our open source software here on docs.ushahidi.com.
  • Once you are a contributor, regardless of your contribution type or perceived effort level (ie it does not matter if you change a single typo or send a bug report) you will always get credit for helping make Ushahidi better in some way. You will be added among the list of people who have contributed to documentation, design or code (link).


  • We are launching our new documentation site, at https://docs.ushahidi.com. Everyone has worked hard to get this done in the last few months, from folks who helped review the content and edit it to make it better, to developers trying new ways to explain technical concepts about the Ushahidi Platform, and community members who kindly helped us test the docs as they were coming into their current form.
  • We are launching a new installation helper and we'd love your input. Learn more about this in the installation helper documentation.

Support Q&A

  • We added a way for Demo tier users to close the "demo bar".

How this was prioritized: someone reported a related issue through Intercom, where the demo bar was blocking them from using the zoom feature on the map. When we realized what was happening, this change was prioritized and executed by the team.

Conferences & Events

  • Listen to our design lead give a talk on Open Source Design with humanitarian tools (FOSS4G). The hurdles that come with open source design and how our designers tackle them, here on player.fm

  • Last month, we participated in Write/Speak/Code remotely through their open source day. We had a chance to interact with many great people in the OSS community and one of the W/S/C attendees was able to send her first PR to the Ushahidi Platform client. Thank you, jessicaweberdev for contributing to making the settings page user experience better.