Context on field sorting: When creating a new survey or editing a survey in the Ushahidi platform, not all fields can be sorted. Title and Description are always going to be displayed in the same way in the Data View. Location fields are always displayed at the bottom of the post and grouped. Other fields, however, should respect the selected field order when being displayed in the data view.

The bug we found: when survey fields were manually sorted, the order was not respected in the data view for the post details. For some fields this is expected (title, description, media) when in the data view, but for others it is not.

Take this example of a form we created. Note that `Date position 4` is right after `Number position 3` here.

Now see a submission to this form, iIn the data view. The field order for `Date position 4` and`Number position 3` should be respected, but it isn't.

With the recently released bug fix, this field order is now being respected by the data view, making your forms more consistent for all the people using the Ushahidi platform to analyze and report incidents on the ground.

Here is an example with the field sorting feature fixed:

Note that `field order 2`, `Categories order 3` and `order 4` are in the correct order now.