Tl;dr go to sign up for free with the code “CAfires” before Dec 16th, 2018. We are offering 3 months free to CA business and community organizations to stay safe through the fires.

A number of our team live in California, where the worst wildfires in state history are now raging.

To help California, we are giving away TenFour for free to anyone living or working in California as a way to help keep community, employees or team safe and quickly answer the question, “Who needs help?”

TenFour, is a crisis check-in app to help communities, local business, schools -- anyone who is responsible for people’s safety and well-being. Ushahidi built TenFour for our own use after we had trouble located our team during a bloody terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya a year ago.

TenFour takes only a few minutes to set up and allows you to send a message like, “Are you okay?” via app, email, SMS, Slack, and interactive voice call to everyone in your community. Recipients can respond via any of those channels. Administrators of the account get a visual tally of who has responded “yes”, “no”, or not responded yet.

Unlike Facebook’s SafetyCheck, TenFour is a two-way channel allowing both for a broadcast message and responses from each individual. TenFour does not require respondents to log into a social network to respond. Rather, TenFour sends a message directly to everyone’s phone, email, voice, and Slack - as well as to the TenFour app on their phones. TenFour then automatically creates a visual tally of responses. You can safely assume anyone who doesn’t respond probably needs help - or should be tracked down, in any case.

If you live or work in California, please go to and sign up for the “Pro” plan. At checkout, use the code “CAfires” before December 16th, 2018 to get 3 months for free. The “Pro” plan covers up to 100 people and provides 100 free credits for SMS/Voice. Additional credits for SMS and voice calls cost at $0.10/ text or call. If you have a very large community, please contact us and we can discuss.

TenFour is made by Ushahidi, the global leader in crisis management tools. Ushahidi has been building software for community crisis response for the past decade. Our tools have been used by everyone from local communities to The Red Cross and the UN to respond to thousands of crisis around the world.

We know from experience that it’s our neighbors, community members, businesses, families, schools, who are often the first ones helping organize a response to crisis. TenFour can help them.

Stay safe, be prepared, and help each other.

- The Ushahidi Team