Data privacy is essential to Ushahidi. As an open-source technology non-profit, we fundamentally believe and that you should own and control your data. While this has always been true for Ushahidi, it has not been the case around the closed web.

To establish more common privacy standards the EU has passed a law called the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. It clarifies what rights EU citizens have to their personal data. The law comes into place on May 25th, 2018. We’ve made changes to our policies and practices in order to comply with GDPR.

To comply with GDPR we’ve:

  • updated our privacy policy to clearly articulate your data rights;
  • improved our data access features to provide bulk editing in ‘data mode’ and targeted data selection in ‘CSV exports;’
  • documented our security practices and GDPR specific policy changes;
  • updated our support documentation to detail your responsibilities under the GDPR and how to author consent statements
  • provided a Data Protection Amendment for our EU customers that can be requested at;
  • created a new support line where you exercise your data rights