Ushahidi is excited to announce the launch of TenFour as a public beta. TenFour (formerly RollCall and Ping) is a team emergency check in application. With the support of The Knight Foundation and CISCO, Ushahidi developed TenFour specifically for small businesses and NGOs.

We’ve tested the application with field organizations, schools, first responders, and small businesses. What we heard from them is that there are no good alternatives. Old fashion phone trees simply haven’t kept up with the demands of the modern small organizations that are distributed, always online, and increasingly global. Moreover, large enterprise offerings are too cumbersome and unaffordable.

TenFour offers you an easy and straightforward emergency communication protocol. It is designed to work where your team already communicates. During a crisis your team will default to the communication channels that they are comfortable with and have access to: Web App, Mobile App, SMS, email and Slack. In those critical moments, it is essential you can reach everyone on your team. TenFour collects everyone’s responses so you know who is OK and who needs help.

TenFour works anywhere in the world, with SMS currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Kenya.

Starting today, you can sign up for TenFour and test it for yourself. After months of private user and load testing, we are ready to bring the service to more teams in need. While the core messaging is working smoothly, you may encounter small bugs in the beta. We would love for your to report to us on our chatbot in the application.

Try TenFour with your team free for a week by signing up at