Ushahidi is excited to announce that we are a recipient of a grant from the Mozilla Open Source Support program. We received $194,000 to improve the security of report submissions and to improve technical documentation on how to deploy and minimize risks. Ushahidi is excited to partner more closely with Mozilla, as a champion of the open source and open web movement. Mozilla has always been an inspiration to Ushahidi, showing that you can both do good in the world, create open source software, be structured as a non-profit/for-profit hybrid, and be financially sustainable in the world.

Ushahidi is also proud to be amongst other inspiring grantees like:

  • the webpack project, a popular JavaScript module loader, to help them make the cross-browser WebAssembly format a first-class citizen in their ecosystem;

  • RiseUp, a coordination platform used by activists across the political spectrum, to improve the security of their email service;

  • Phaser, the open source HTML5 games engine, to allow them to complete the development of version 3;

  • mod_md, an Apache module which speaks ACME, the automated certificate issuance protocol, to make it easier for websites to deploy and use secure HTTP.

The Mozilla press release can be found at: