From our very first day in January 2008, where we helped citizens organize to protect each other during political crisis, Ushahidi has spent it’s years building and using tools to help the marginalized and disadvantaged people of the world raise their voice. They raise their voice to bring attention when human and environmental rights are threatened, they raise their voice to receive help during crisis, they raise their voice for transparency and accountability from those in power, and they raise their voice to protect freedom and liberty from tyranny and injustice.

Ushahidi is a non-partisan organization, we make no political alliance anywhere in the world. However, we are also aware that our work is political. Holding power to account, challenging injustice, helping people raise their voice is always political. Our allegiance is to justice, transparency, and human & environmental rights of this and all generations to come.

During the USA election last week, Ushahidi ran a very successful deployment to monitor violence, voter suppression, and issues on election day. In light of recent events, we have adapted the USA Election Monitor deployment to monitor the violence, hate speech, harassment, and protests going on in the USA post election. We will continue to gather, monitor, and verify reports at Please encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses these acts of violence to first call 911 and then report them via:

Ushahidi is working with a number of partners for this endeavor, including Shaun King, professors at MIT and Harvard, Crisis Mappers, and a number of other organizations to gather these reports of hate crimes across the USA, verify them, showcase them to the world, and respond to them with appropriate means.

We urge you all to raise your voice for justice, transparency, freedoms, and human rights. You can support our work to help people raise their voice by donating to Ushahidi here.

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