We’re beefing up Ushahidi’s toolset today for teams that manage large, sensitive data sets with the release of “Responder.” It’s a new plan built for teams that need to respond to urgent issues and quickly make critical, time-sensitive decisions.

Responder is a paid upgrade for all Ushahidi.com deployments. The open source code that powers Responder is also available at no cost on GitHub.

Help your team move faster with new features

Custom user roles. Ensure your team members primarily see the data they’re responsible for, and less of the stuff they’re not. Translators, for example, can be shown only the data that needs to be translated.

You can create and define as many roles as your team needs, and assign team members to them.

CSV import. Expand your deployment’s reach to CSV-formatted data -- one of the most flexible and ubiquitous sources around. Election deployments can now import pre-formatted lists of polling stations.

Add datasets through a simple upload tool, whether they were collected years ago, manually, or from third-party services.

Private deployments. Many deployments handle sensitive data, like information about survivors of sexual- and gender-based violence. So we’ve included in Responder the controls to password-protect your deployment, keeping your data and sources secure.

Keep your data and sources secure and accessible to a select group that you determine.


Responder is available for $499 per month, which includes the added capacity to store 5,000 posts and create unlimited custom Post Types.

The open source code that powers Ushahidi’s “Responder” plan is also available at no cost on GitHub. You can sign up or upgrade your existing open source deployment today.

Get moving with Responder today

Want to know more about what Responder can do for your team? Get in touch with us and we’ll find a time to talk.