A lot of exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Crowdmap since I joined the team earlier this year. I've been building software products and services for over a decade and, in my humble opinion, we're doing some really cool things here. For those unfamiliar with Crowdmap.com, it’s the only map-making tool that allows you to simply and collaboratively track any event on a map using social media, sms, email, or the web. We’re working on improving the performance of the website top to bottom, and you should be seeing some big changes in the next couple months to the way posts and maps look and behave. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find, share and build crowdsourced maps. I also wanted to take this opportunity to let fans of Crowdmap Classic know that it’s not going anywhere. Crowdmap Classic is our service that provides hosted instances of the Ushahidi Platform. There are plans in the works to update the way Crowdmap Classic works with Crowdmap.com, but if you’re using maps that are already on Crowdmap Classic you shouldn’t notice any significant changes. Finally, for those that are interested in using the API that powers Crowdmap.com, you can find the documentation here: https://api.crowdmap.com/developers/v1/. We’re actively seeking out and fixing bugs, addressing performance issues, and planning new features and functionality for later this year. You’ll want to follow the blog to keep up to date with the improvements and changes we’re making to our API. If you’re already using our API, don’t worry. We’re not going to introduce any breaking changes to the current version. We’re just fixing bugs and making sure it’s as high performing as we can make it.