We are excited to announce yet another bug fix release of the Ushahidi platform dubbed 2.7.4. We knocked out a couple of bugs with this release, including password validation errors, runtime errors in settings and when submitting reports, cached theme settings issues, 2MB file upload limit and much more. One great push that is going into this release is the update on Openlayers to 2.13.1. With this update, Bing maps should now be able to load map tiles over SSL. [caption id="attachment_16013" align="alignnone" width="455"]Courtesy of XKCD - http://xkcd.com/ Courtesy of XKCD - http://xkcd.com/[/caption]

What's New?

These are the improvements included in this version:
  • Updated Openlayers to 2.13.1
  • Removed 2MB Max file upload limit
  • Password validation errors
  • News Source link not working in submit report with RSS Feed link
  • Cached theme settings after updating theme
  • Runtime error when submitting a report with a video link
  • SQL syntax error breaking install
  • Missing files in fresh install
For more details on what's changed in this new version, have a look at the 2.7.4 milestone on our github issues page.

Classic Crowdmap Update

Classic Crowdmap will be updated to match this new release by 6th August, 2014. We will be sure to update this blog and inform you through our various community channels once the update is complete.

Plugins Compatibility

After heavy functional testing, our Plugin Compatibility page has an updated.

Thank You

As always, this release happened with the help of our greater community. All your translations, bug reports, pull requests, questions and comments have gone a long way in making this release happen. We appreciate all your input. Pull Requests: Tevin Otieno GitHub Tickets: Sara Magantaj73waStu BasdenYacoKyle SponzbrianankvincepappalardoAjay KumarOmar JabiriRamv9Elena RapisardiHarry WoodNhorningLuka StojanovicIvan MuljevskiAPC Technical StaffGunasundariCedric Moro Translations and Localizations: alfalb_mansilboripatlebeldaidungsiDCLXVIelioqoshifboushrajohnarupirelidiaciborpenguinarmyPeppeMessoMalexroimRovcictorsamiseppsherXnake Even as we move forward with development on v3, we definitely encourage you to keep sending in those pull requests and sending in your translation contributions on v2!!

Looking towards v3!

We're getting closer and closer to launching the new version of Ushahidi(v3), and want to make sure that what we envision matches what you envision from the revamped platform. Incase you have any questions on this, feel free to reach out to Angela Oduor via angela AT ushahidi DOT com.

Download Ushahidi

You can get your hands on this new version from our Download Page. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to get in touch with us by filing bug reports on our GitHub issues page. Happy Release day!