In the last couple of weeks, we’ve rolled out four beta releases, and held different community discussions around what Ushahidi v3 looks like and infrastructural changes within the platform. Here's a run down of what we rolled out on v3.0.00-beta.4. Last Thursday, we hosted yet another discussion around the roadmap to launching Ushahidi v3. We also gave a first look into what the Ushahidi toolkit and guide, which John Crowley and Jennifer Chan from the Havard Humanitarian Initiative, have been working on will look like. In case you missed it, here's a recording of our session.  

We need your help!

We're getting closer to a full product launch, and want to make sure that we get things right. Your thoughts and feedback matters to us. Feel free to reach out to me via angela AT ushahidi DOT com incase you have any further queries/questions. Onwards!