Android tablet device

Today we are happy to release version 3.1.6 of Ushahidi Android app to the Google Playstore. This release includes
  • Integration of the Ushahidi Java SDK
  • Updates to user navigation menus - including admin dashboard access from the app
  • Support for Google maps v2 for Android.
Ushahidi Java SDK We have removed the verbose code in interacting with the Ushahidi API to a stand alone Java library which we are calling Ushahidi Java SDK. This will enable Java developers to easily work with the Ushahidi API in their Java projects. We have gone ahead and integrated the  SDK into the Ushahidi Android app Core library in the spirit of eating our own dog food. What this means for developers is that, they can easily extend the core features of the Core library. You can head over to our github repository for documentation on the public APIs exposed by the SDK. Google Maps v2 for Android Additionally, we have-added Google Maps V2 For Android and removed support for the old Google maps for android. This allows us to take advantage of  the new APIs. We now have support for OSM and Mapbox tiles.  If you go to the settings screen, you should be able to set which map tile to use. By default Google is selected. User navigation menu updates We have also added Menu Drawer support to provide quick and easy navigation to other areas of the app, regardless of which screen you are on. To access the menu drawer, swipe from the left side of the screen  or  simply tap the Ushahidi icon on the action bar -- top left.


You can access your deployment Admin Dashboard from the Menu Drawer. This makes it easier to administer your Ushahidi deployment on the Go. There's more... As always, there has been a ton of bug fixes. See the changelog for the complete list. Thank you Big shout out to the  folks at for their immense contribution in the development of the Ushahidi Java SDK and many thanks to the Ushahidi community for their constant feedback and bug reports. Interested in contributing? Both the Ushahidi Android and Ushahidi Java SDK are open source projects. Check out their respective github repo to access the code. Your contributions are welcome. Go on,grab this version of the app and take it for a spin. Happy mapping!