Welcoming Rob Baker and Sharon Rutto

Erik Hersman
Sep 6, 2012

It's always fun to welcome people to the team who have such long history with Ushahidi. Rob Baker There are a lot of people who put a great deal of time and effort into helping others deploy Ushahidi. Rob Baker is one of them, and has been a part of Ushahidi's community of developers for over two years. Before officially joining Ushahidi, his contributions to the community earned him the first ever induction to our Trusted Developer Network for his work as technical or project lead on dozens of Ushahidi deployments from crisis response to civic engagement around the world as well as the creation of the Ushahidi Community website. Rob's new role will be as Ushahidi's Project & Outreach Manager, working on some external projects as well as internal initiatives. Externally, he'll be working with Heather Leson on developer relationships and helping to manage some external projects. Internally, with the team on documentation, making sure technical guides are available, up-to-date, and clear for all levels of end users. We can't think of anyone better to lead this. Sharon Rutto One of the hard parts about building a platform is finding the time to really do testing, fixing, and re-testing of everything. You'll usually find the problem only after a couple hundred people have used it and then found the bug. Sharon's been helping us with quality assurance for the past few months, doing the bug testing and helping us catch things before things get too far. We've got our work cut out for us on the QA front, so we're very excited to have someone like Sharon come aboard to help us design the right testing methodologies and create better processes so that our tools are better with every release. Welcome to the team!