Weekly: Swift Code, PowerCuts and Mobile

Jul 31, 2012

Happy week! We have a few gems to share with you. First off, two of our favourite words: Public. Open. Into the Code: SwiftRiver code is now on github. SwiftRiver code is PUBLIC and on github. We remixed the code and are ready to take it to the next level with you. SwiftRiver remains in beta. If you don't have an account, you can beta sign here. Issues can be tracked via this google form, or for the tech savvy, on github. In the coming weeks, we will hold a DAY OF SWIFT: a community test party in Nairobi and online. swiftriver on git

In the Community

Congratulations to Ajay Kumar and his PowerCuts.in team for winning the mBillionth Awards 2012 - m-News & Journalism Category. The Powercuts.in is an excellent example of a long term project by a deployer. They've scaled for mobile and have audio report capability. Sadly, the award comes at a time when many people in India are suffering a large scale power outage. Follow @powercutsIN online for the latest reports. If you can give them a hand, please file reports on their map and contact them. Power Cuts in India

Olympic Mappers

Kudos go out to the CrisisMappersUk team for their London Olympics 2012 project. They are the Deployment of the Week for their community efforts including volunteers from 14 countries. In addition, they received TV coverage from CBC National News. The Olympics also brings another deployment called Open for Business in the UK. Both projects exemplify preparedness and community. Well done!


Video translations continue on Amara. Crowdmap Basics is now translated from English into Korean, Dutch and Spanish. Care to translate it into your language? Simply sign up for an account. Then, let us know when you are done. Thanks! We're testing software with a few community members to make it easier to translate Ushahidi core. Further updates are coming in the next week.

Community Developer call

We held a short community developer call last night. It seems that summer makes for quick chats about Swift, badges, 2.5 code release and more. The audio recording is posted on the wiki and is available below. [podcast]http://ushahidi.s3.amazonaws.com/audio/community\_calls/community-2012-05-28.mp3\[/podcast\] The next community developer call will be August 20 (Europe and Africa friendly timezone). Details on how to join and the timezone chart are also on the wiki. We alternate the calls by timezone each month.

Upcoming events

Our friends from the Japan OpenStreetMap Foundation are hosting State of the Map in Tokyo. There is still time to register for mapper fun.

Mobile Training

Here's a new 101 on How to Use Ushahidi in ios or Android. Happy reporting! Ushahidi Mobile on Prezi For more Ushahidi weekly, see our wiki. Have you joined our mailing lists? If not, join up and introduce yourself. Ushahidi Developer Mailing List: developers AT ushahidi DOT com To subscribe send an empty email to developers-subscribe AT list.ushahidi.com Swift River Mailing List: To join: swiftriver AT googlegroups DOT com Ushahidi Community Mailing list: community AT list.ushahidi.com To subscribe send an empty email to community-subscribe AT list.ushahidi.com Have a good week, Heather