Weekly: Hiring, Inundaciones (Argentina)

    Apr 10, 2013

    Happy Week! In this week's Community Report, we're happy to say we are hiring, Congratulations to the hard working folks from Argentina (our Deployment of the Week), a new SwiftRiver event and thanks to our amazing community from Grant MacEwan University and Nepal.

    Deployment of the Week

    We recognize the tremendous effort by our Deployment of the Week from Argentina: Inundaciones 2 abril: See more Deployments of the Week.

    Help Wanted

    globe Know any designers great at both design and markup? We're hiring at Ushahidi and don't care where they live, just that they're good and can work autonomously. If so, please shoot them this link: Design@Ushahidi (Click to learn more) https://twitter.com/mrtnhmtz/status/320587014384807936 One of our community folks needs testing help with his Ushahidi Geohazard android app. Give it a spin?

    Into the Code

    The next Ushahidi Developer call is April 23rd. Join us to talk shop on Ushahidi, Crowdmap, Swiftriver and your projects. SwiftRiver has been evolving. We'll be hosting a few events in the coming months for both Nairobi and global community folks. The first Nairobi based SwiftRiver Event on the 25th of April, 2013 at the ihub. Register. (Hold this date: a larger Nairobi/virtual event is being planned for May 11,2013.) Alerts has been a hot issue, with ongoing discussions on fixes on github. Our community is addressing this issue, with Neil Horning of NepalMonitor is taking hold of the reins by hiring someone to help fix this issue. Having issues with KML/KMZ layers on IE7? Talk to us Version 2.7 release is scheduled for 30th April 2013. Linda and Robbie have been on a serious bug-fixing sprint over the past few weeks. You may have noticed a few issues being closed out. If you think we’ve closed an issue that's still important for you, just let us know: comment on the ticket (and maybe reopen it). Here's a teaser for an upcoming Twitter fix.

    Demoing GeoRoles via skype
    Demoing GeoRoles via skype

    We are happy to announce that Cam Macdonell and his software developer class of Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton,Canada is close to completion on their second foray into teaching using Ushahidi. On Monday, the class held demos, which I had the honour of skyping in to review. There were four great tackles of tickets from github including "Basic custom css" and "multiple colour displays of categories". Two teams also answered Francesco Bartoli's post post request for Georoles. Each team handled the issue differently. The code will be available soon once the student finish up. We'll be sure to review and see how we can potentially merge. See Cam's previous post about the 2012 Ushahidi software developer class.

    News and Research

    Patrick Meier wrote up a summary about the report from OCHA Policy and Studies Series: Humanitarianism in the network age, including World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2012. The main headline is that Crowdsourcing can be considered useful with the strategy and action plan. The report is available for download on the Relief Web site. All 120 pages. (PDF). Can we say weekend read? Brac featured their work with Ushahidi in their piece: Crowdmapping the World we Want. Ushahidi was featured in Emergency Journalism (blog). Thanks! Janet Marsden wrote " http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S138904171200040X" (This article appears to require a fee for the journal)