Weekly: Compassion Games, Crisis maps in Athens, and Releases!

Sep 13, 2013

Deployment of the Week

This week, we recognise two deployments for their outstanding work and efforts. Crisis scape embark on a mission to trace and research cases of migrant attacks in Athens. City at a time of crisis We could all use more compassion and humility. Jon Ramer and the Compassion Games Team have been learning, planning and mapping to launch their Deployment of the Week: Compassion Games More Details: Nobody loses the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest; and everybody wins the more people play. Everyday, wherever we are, we can act with kindness and thoughtfulness. To energize and amplify this idea we have organized an annual "Global Coopetition" from September 11th through September 21st to challenge each other to promote compassionate action. A "coopetition" is when community members compete with and not against each other to bring out their very best while striving to make their community more compassionate. **** Meanwhile in Guinea, Aboudcar has been busy preparing map projects for the upcoming elections: Rose Guniee and Alliance Guinea. The elections are at the end of September. Good luck!

In the news

Our minds are on Syria. Syria Tracker is recognized in this Guide to Citizen journalists feeding us news on Syria. Ushahidi, ihub and Brck get mention in this article. Learn how Ushahidi is being used in Cambodia to tackle violence against girls and women in Cambodia. An interview about Ushahidi and building community.

Latest in research

Andrej Verity shared a map of Humanitarian Decision-makers as well as an Impact Evaluation Framework. And, over at Qatar Foundation, they've created a Humanitarian Computing Research library for all to share and remix.

Coming soon

Have you bought your ticket to Mozfest yet? We've pitched a session on Triggering the Map API. Can you help us by voting? https://twitter.com/thornet/status/374865703699873794 Our friends at TechChange will be doing a course including How to Ushahidi. See their site for more details. https://twitter.com/TechChange/status/374925211629805568

Into the Code

Ushahidi Core

Did you hear about the release of v2.7.1 of the platform? Read about it here. We're encouraging all of you on older versions to upgrade to this latest stable build of the platform. As always, be sure to send in any bug reports to us via github issues as we look into the next bug release in the coming months.

Keep Calm… Upgrade days are coming!

We're looking into organising upgrade day on the 25th & 26th of September,2013. Stay tuned for updates in the coming week about the schedule. We've got a group of folks looking into building Ushahidi on CouchDB. Are you interested? Feel free to get in touch with us and we will link you up with these folks.


The API is now open for you to play around with it :). Have a look at the API docs to guide you!