We’re looking for new board members; could that be you?

Desigan Chinniah
May 9, 2023

Last week, we published an open call for new board members. I want to give some background into why we’re going through this process and precisely what we’re looking for in this round of recruitment. 

At Ushahidi, we're committed to raising the voices of underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized populations worldwide. To achieve this mission, we're seeking new board members passionate about technology, data, and social impact who come from diverse backgrounds and identities.

Our current board is a diverse group of individuals, drawing on expertise in impact strategy, strategic communications, business development, open-source software development, and product strategy to provide oversight and governance over Ushahidi. 

We’re now looking to expand the board in 2023, focusing on the following key areas:-

  • Technology and Innovation: The technology landscape is evolving very quickly, and while the problems Ushahidi seeks to solve persist, how we tackle them also needs to reflect current needs. How does our technology need to evolve to support organizations and communities fighting for social change?
  • Data strategy: We cannot achieve meaningful and long-lasting change without knowledge based on inclusive and truthful data. Ushahidi has made significant strides in centering citizen voices in critical conversations. We’re interested in exploring our existing data strategy and identifying ways to support better the extraction of timely insights for value while assuring integrity in our data ecosystems. 
  • Fundraising and partnerships: We want to expand our circle of partners and supporters and work closely with us to achieve our sustainability goals and help to keep this work going for years to come. 

Board expertise in these three areas will play a significant role in shaping Ushahidi’s long-term strategy. 

Why should you apply?

For over a decade, we’ve argued (and proven) that insights from ordinary citizens and their collective intelligence help to provide a richer understanding of some of the world’s most pressing issues. We are looking for new board members to help guide us toward achieving, and surpassing our goal to raise an additional 20 million voices by 2026.

While this is a voluntary unpaid position, sitting on the board provides a unique opportunity for you (or someone you know who fits the bill) to make a difference in the world through Ushahidi’s work. As a board member, you are vital in steering Ushahidi toward a sustainable future. 


The Ushahidi board serves in an advisory rather than management capacity. As such, time commitment is limited to quarterly board meetings, with at least one of these being in person. In special circumstances, board members will call for special meetings, with adequate notice and preparation. 

If you’re interested in this board position, please apply here by June 4th, 2023(Deadline has been extended from May 29th, 2023). And, if you know someone who would be an excellent fit for the Ushahidi board, please encourage them to apply as well. 

Questions about the application process can be directed to angela AT Ushahidi DOT com.