Ushahidi platform used for monitoring Togo Elections

Juliana Rotich
Mar 4, 2010

It is often very encouraging to see adoption and use of the Ushahidi platform in Africa, and the Togo Election map certainly adds to the excitement the Ushahidi team feels when individuals and organizations download, customize and spearhead projects. The elections in Togo are being held today, and Kokou Etou set up this implementation to help aggregate information. He partnered with IFES (international Foundation for Electoral Systems) and other organizations working in Togo to visualize the info and put it online. For some background on the Togo Elections, read this piece by Amourlaye Touréand Paul Chick of IFES/Togo. There are three ways to submit information 1. Text your location and info to 0012673935789 2. Email 3. Submit reports on the site Do support this initiative and visit their site here, please do let others know within Togo to check the site for information. This will be particularly helpful to Kokou and his partners as they have already done some preliminary outreach through online forums and radio ads. Togo Elections