Ushahidi Board dismisses Executive Director, Daudi Were

Jul 22, 2017

July 21st, 2017

Following exhaustive consideration of the testimonies and evidence tabled by the respective parties in a sexual harassment claim, the board of Ushahidi has dismissed Executive Director, Daudi Were, with immediate effect.

As a company that was founded to enable people to be heard, Ushahidi has zero tolerance for injustice of any kind. In arriving at its decision, therefore, the board took all necessary steps to ensure fairness and respect for the human rights of the parties involved. Due process was followed in accordance with Kenyan employment laws, and, as the company is domiciled in the United States, American law related to sexual harassment was also applied.  In addition, the guidance of objective and independent legal counsel was sought to prevent the possibility of internal partisan decisions. 

Nat Manning, who has been Ushahidi Chief Operations Officer, will stand in as interim Executive Director.

Statement in pdf.