Uchaguzi Reports as Results Announced

Nov 1, 2017

Postings have now slimmed down to a couple of hundred per day. They they have been widely dispersed among type, with many being classified into 'Other'. A few have been describing positive events, and with half a dozen depicting security issues. While each one of the security events is individually tragic, the quieting trend is indeed promising. The bottom line though is that in these peculiar circumstances, a quieting trend in Uchaguzi activity is good.

The Uchaguzi team has noted a higher proportion of submissions recently that are raw commentary rather than actual events. This is representative of the nation itself moving to a phase of reflection and analysis upon the remarkable series of events over the last 100 days. Uchaguzi joins the chorus of voices that call for all  Kenyan institutions to craft solutions and structures over the next few weeks that represent the entire Kenyan nation. Full representation of all people will help bring forth both justice and peace. The Uchaguzi lines will continue to remain open to facilitate transparency and communication.