SwiftRiver Web Services Launches

May 12, 2010

The SwiftRiver Web Services platform offers RESTful apps that live in the cloud that we encourage other developers or applications to utilize. These services are diverse and powerful ways to improve data collection and management. For non-profits and NGOs working in the field who may be worried about connectivity or security, all SWS Apps are also open source which means they can be run on your own servers or completely offline. The first of these web services available is OpenSiLCC. OpenSiLCC allows users to parse and categorize any text on the fly. We are also developing open source applications which exemplify use. They're potential building blocks for your ideas with code to help get you started. One of them, Abraxas is live and can be found here. Get the Abraxas code. To sign up, visit http://sws.ushahidi.com. What are some use potential use-cases for OpenSiLCC?

SMS messages coming from Frontline or Clickatell could be tagged and categorized in real-time.

Users could aggregate non-tagged data (say from Twitter), parse, and output feeds with tags.

Develop your own glossaries and text parsers for content unique to your organization (or language).

Identify relationships between seemingly disparate message types (email, sms, twitter).

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Read the related post "Taxonomy for Text Messages". The next version of SwiftRiver (0.2.0 Batuque) will ship with these services (OpenSiLCC and others) fully integrated.