SMSsync Upgrade: v1.0.3

Erik Hersman
Jan 30, 2011
SMSsync v1.0.3

A couple months ago we came out with SMSsync, a simple Android app that turns your phone into an SMS gateway. We've been testing the app to find and fix bugs, and you've had suggestions on how to make it better. Here are the results:

Downgraded to Android 1.6 so SMSsync works from 1.6 and above.

Now SMS can be deleted from the SMS inbox. This is a configurable option.

Fixed issue with the secret variable.

Better support for localization - All hardcoded strings have been moved to the string.xml file.

Supports outbox -- for pending messages that manually needs to be synced.

Improved SMS background service -- Now it starts and stops perfectly.

Added version number to the powered by text on the Settings screen.

Changed notification Icon to SMSSync's launch icon.

Shows status of Pending messages. Whether there are pending messages or not.

Pre-populates URL field with "http://" when setting up the sync URL.

Sends an auto response once the SMS is received. This is a configurable option.

Validates the callback URL

Download the Android app. Download the source code.