Project 4636: An Info Graphic

Feb 8, 2010

Hot on the heals of Brian's excellent summary of the 4636 Project development efforts, I'd like to join in with a little info-graphic of sorts. My goal in putting this together is to present an easy-to-understand "big-picture" graphic that illustrates how a simple SMS, sent from a Haitian in need, can be transformed into a powerful resource that fuels the crisis response and recovery effort.

A Quick Recap of Project 4636


And here's the full graphic:


The thing that impresses me most about the whole project is how it all came together: lots of people working together across lots of different organizations. I really liked what Andrew Turner had to say about the level of collaboration that was going on all fronts, not just Project 4636:


For someone who's recently come from the competitive creative agency world of non-disclosure and trade secret, it's a breath of fresh air to see this level of collaboration between individuals across organizations, and to see that collaboration play a direct role in helping those in need. Please note that this "big-picture" graphic is just that, a "big-picture". It does not attempt to represent ALL the organizations and people involved with the 4636 Project. There have been lots of folks who have done great work here who we can't even begin to name.