Monitoring Violence Post-Election at

Nathaniel Manning
Nov 10, 2016

We are saddened to see violence, hate speech, and protests by both sides of the political spectrum in the USA after the election on Tuesday. In light of this, we will continue to run USA Election Monitor as a resource for reporting violence, harassment, hate speech, or protests in the USA. Ushahidi has been used across the world to allow people to speak up against and bring transparency to harassment and violence, such as HarassMap, SafeCity, and SyriaTracker. The original Ushahidi was used as a means to bring transparency and safety to Kenyans in the post-election violence of 2008.

We encourage citizens to sign up for alerts of reports in their area. This creates a neighborhood support system whether reports are alerted to those nearby, improving safety for all.

You can report on any protests going on, violence witnessed, harassment, or hate speech, by anyone anywhere at USA Election Monitor or via:

SMS: (302) 268-9516Twitter: #usaelectionmonitorEmail:

If you are in any immediate danger please call 911 first.