Introducing Discover Deployments

Dec 21, 2017

Today, we’re releasing our first version of Ushahidi’s deployment discovery tool. Over the past two years, members of the Ushahidi community have created thousands of deployments ranging from citizens monitoring elections, to communities urgently responding to environmental disasters, to documenting favorite travel destinations, and everything in between.

To better help our users and visitors connect to deployments, we’ve built an alpha version of Discover. With Discover, you can sift through deployments by area of interest (human rights advocacy, crisis response, journalism, education, etc.), and browse the most recently created and most active deployments within those sectors.

Our hope is that this enables more connections and opportunities for collaboration within the Ushahidi community, that deployments have increased visibility and traction, and that it seeds creativity. We will continue to build out the Discover tool in the coming months to help our community better connect to others working on similar issues and/or geographies, or to those who may be interested in contributing.