Cuidemos el Voto: Monitoring Federal Elections in Mexico

Juliana Rotich
Jun 25, 2009


The Cuidemos el Voto mashup is an independent platform to help monitor the federal elections of 5 July 2009 in Mexico. The information collected is generated from text messages (SMS# 5532690062), emails, twitter, and reports, then aggregated onto the mapping. The main objective of the project is to report incidents and irregularities in the electoral process that determines the Federal Criminal Code and Federal Code of Electoral Institutions and Procedures. The will also couple citizen journalist reports together with information from press releases, photos and videos related to elections. Cuidemos El Voto has partnered with several grassroots organizations, and also with the Center for Future Civic Media at MIT. Do check out the site here, and follow Oscar Salazar and @cuidemoselvoto on twitter for updates. *The Ushahidi team would like to thank Oscar Salazar, Gabriela Rodriguez and the Cuidemos el Voto team for helping with the translation of the platform to Spanish. That version can be downloaded (for free) on Gabriela's repository or download the most recent version of Ushahidi.