​10/27/2017 Uchaguzi Day 2 Analysis Report

Oct 27, 2017

10/27/2017 Uchaguzi Day 2 Analysis Report

As the voting during the second elections this year draws to a close, Uchaguzi received over 2800 postings from Kenyan citizens. Of those we have successfully verified and published 530 reports. The observations have been organized into seven categories: Voting Issues, Polling Station Administration, Staffing Issues, Political Rallies, Counting & Results, Positive Events, and Security Issues. Where necessary, a reported safety event was escalated to provide help. As of this writing, every category had multiple entries, with the Security category and the Positive Events being the most populated. Here are key stories from each category:

Security Issues

A person injured at Otonglo as they tried to stop a vehicle suspected to be ferrying ballot papers. At Bar Olengo and Seje polling stations, demos couldn't allow anyone including press (media) and Machakos town, roads blocked with demonstration kick off.

In Nairobi, Embakasi girls polling station in Embakasi South constituency witnessed early hours’ demonstrations as youths tried to gain access into the polling centre in a bid to stop the process using the back gate. However, the situation was however contained by the security officers and normalcy returned. Olympic stage, Kibera youth blocked for vehicles carrying ballot papers access polling stations.

While the staffing issues reported that poll preparation disrupted in parts on Nyanza. The Returning officers in Kisumu fear for their lives. Some had not told anyone they were being trained to run elections

Security is high in Malava constituency, and there are no demonstrations.

Voting Issues

In Nairobi, Embakasi girls polling station in Embakasi south constituency witnessed early hours’ demonstrations as youths tried to gain access into the polling centre. However, the situation was contained by the security officers, normalcy returned and the process begun.

In Kawangware voting not yet. Although heavy police deployed to contain situation. Some parts of Dagoreti north specifically Kawangware polling stations very low voter turnout.

At Langata Road Primary, St Jude polling station and Highrise parking, there was low voter turnout. No incidences to report at the time of observation. In Mombasa, In Tudor day sec. Few turn out same to Makande primary with heavy security on the ground

Maabi primary school in Chuka Igambangombe constituency opened at 6am; normal voter turnout. Currently at Subukia tallying centre, most voting was done by 5pm.

Polling Station Administration and Voting

Central region of Kenya, at the Siakago Hall county; polling station opened at 6:04m, low voter turnout, no incidences reported. Kauthene Market in North Imenti Const... 90 out of 594 so far have done successfully. At Gatanga polytechnic polling station, there was calmness and level of discipline exercised, the Elderly turned up in large numbers.

Siakago primary school polling station opened at 6:00am with over 400 voters done so far and Situation was calm. Kirwiro polling station in North Imenti the exercise commenced at 6:03am... So far no negative occurrence but heavily raining.... Voters turning up 1 by 1... So far one voter assisted in KEMS.

However, there was very low turnout witnessed in Central and Rift Valley. Kajiado North, Bulbul primary school, everything is calm and normal but low voter turnout. At Emung'weso polling center voting is on. IEBC official locked out from a small room they were to use but officers took control and the environment is fairly good. voter turnout is 0.9(5/599voters registered)

Mugumuini Kiems Kit was having some issues. Voters are using alternative manual method. But its working now. In Chugu primary polling station in North Imenti Constituency, voters are streaming fairly. So far 141 voters have already cast their votes. In Molo constituency people are voting peacefully and going back to their homes.

Nakuru Town West, Heshima primary school voting was organized and security is intact

Amalemba and Namulungu polling stations in Kakamega county remains empty as polls kick off. At Eshirali polling center in Khwisero voting is going on well. There's a conducive environment. Voters turnout is a bit low.

Similarly, in Nyanza region, polling stations closed in Nyando Constituency and no IEBC officials around and the roads to the constituency tallying centre barricaded. Alego Usonga Constituency, polling stations like Awello, Siaya Township, Ulafu; confirmed no voting going on.

In Coast, Voting currently underway at Shanzu Teachers. Low turnout recorded compared to Aug. 8th as polling stations opened. No queues at Mwakigwena Primary School in Diani, Kwale County which has a total of 7700 registered voters

Counting and Tallying

It is noted that 152 polling stations at Mogotio tallying center were doing final entries. At Baringo high school, Eldama ravine constituency tallying centre, there were still no results released. At Baragoi everything is ok no signs of violence 

At Kiengu open air market polling station Igembe central constituency 285 voted so far. At the Mbeere North Constituency Tallying cente, Siakago vocational training center (polytechnic) waiting for results from polling centers now.

Positive Events

As Form 34As just started to trickle into Mogotio tallying center. PCEA Enchiro Emuny School turn out about 50% . In Naivasha constituency, elections went smoothly and there was security.

In western, Lurambi Tallying centre is calm. No tension, and security was tight. No incident in Mt Elgon constituency up to now, voters are coming one by one but have not witnessed any bribery, police confrontation with youths or any attack to IEBC official.

Keep Reporting

Over 90% of the observations came in via Twitter, with the balance reported via SMS, Web, and Facebook. The teams have been working hard on establishing the geographic location of the source and verifying the accuracy of the information when possible. It is not uncommon for early reports to be contradictory and then as the day progresses for a more accurate and complete picture emerges

We continue to urge Kenyan citizens to report what they are seeing and experiencing via


Uchaguzi Short Codes 20660, 20166, or 0700600144, 

Twitter: @uchaguzi