Uchaguzi 2017 partners

Key Uchaguzi Partnerships

Ushahidi has built partnerships with local civil society organizations, official NGOs, governments, religious organizations and local election observation groups. We will be launching for the Kenya elections.

The key Uchaguzi partnerships are:

  1. OFFICIAL PARTNER: Constitution & Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) - 1200 people deployed - 4 per constituency (they are part of Election Observers Group(ELOG) )

  2. OFFICIAL PARTNER: InfoNET - Technology Partner

  3. OFFICIAL PARTNER: Dialogue Reference Group (DRG) - umbrella body of religious organizations working on promoting peaceful elections

  4. OFFICIAL PARTNER: Map Kibera 


  6. OFFICIAL PARTNER: Translators without Borders - working with Uchaguzi to overcome language barriers
  7. National Steering Committee for Peace and Security (NSC) - inter-agency committee that seeks to strengthen, co-ordinate, and integrate various conflict management initiatives, the government and civil society organizations (CSOs). NSC is our link to law enforcement agencies and government bodies such as IEBC through the UWIANO Platform for Peace

NOTE: Official partners will have back end access to the platform via trained participants during Uchaguzi. We will work with them for verification and feedback. They are not given veto rights over content. Unofficial partners are welcome to send information to the platform.  They are not provided back end access to the platform. We may work with partners to verify and provide feedback to the platform.

THE NSC *May* have view rights to the platform for approved reports that have been amplified and require action. We will not be giving them back end access or veto rights.

The Kenyan Elections are scheduled for August 8, 2017