Our Services

  • International Development Gather data from across the globe

    We take care of setting up the site, servers, and hosting. Ushahidi has been used in over 160 countries. We’ll make sure your solution works wherever you need it to, using multiple SMS integrations including Twilio, Nexmo or SMSSync.

  • Layout Custom features and integrations

    We work with you to identify and design map-based tools to fit your exact needs. Need a feature that isn’t in the Ushahidi platform? Want to integrate crowdsourcing with your existing processes? We’ll take care of it.

  • Setup Full set-up and maintenance

    Tell your story the way you want it to be seen and uncover hidden trends in your data. Leave everything to us - we’ll handle all the technical details and make sure your platform is up and running when you need it.

  • Branding Custom branding and white-labeling

    Gather reports from anyone, anywhere, using multiple SMS gateways like Twilio, Nexmo or SMSSync. Seamlessly integrate your crowdsourcing project with your organisation’s visual identity. Our designers will customize your Ushahidi deployment’s branding, look, and feel.

  • Training Tailor-made training and consulting

    Our experts can train your team online or on-site, create customised training manuals, and provide strategic consulting and support for your project.

  • International Development Experienced consulting to projects in developing countries

    At Ushahidi we have deep experience of what problems and realities exist on the ground when doing data collection in difficult environments around the world. Our team brings local knowledge of how you can run a successful data collection program across the African continent and globally.

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Ushahidi for

Election Monitoring

  • Easily gather reports from thousands of volunteers on the ground across the country
  • Manage thousands of staff triaging and verifying reports with in-built tasks and permissions
  • Monitor incident spikes on dashboards in real-time
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Ushahidi for

Crisis Response

  • Collect reports from victims on the ground and your field staff via SMS, email, web app, and Twitter
  • Quickly triage reports and organize rapid response across numerous agencies
  • Document ongoing changes in the field with real time mapping and visualization tools
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Ushahidi for

Advocacy & Human Rights

  • Collects sensitive reports anonymously
  • Citizens sign-up for SMS and email Alerts to get immediate news about their area
  • Export via CSV with geolocation for data and trend analysis
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