Our Services

  • International Development Gather data from across the globe

    We take care of setting up the site, servers, and hosting. Ushahidi has been used in over 160 countries. We’ll make sure your solution works wherever you need it to, using multiple SMS integrations including Twilio, Nexmo or SMSSync.

  • Layout Custom features and integrations

    We work with you to identify and design map-based tools to fit your exact needs. Need a feature that isn’t in the Ushahidi platform? Want to integrate crowdsourcing with your existing processes? We’ll take care of it.

  • Setup Full set-up and maintenance

    Tell your story the way you want it to be seen and uncover hidden trends in your data. Leave everything to us - we’ll handle all the technical details and make sure your platform is up and running when you need it.

  • Branding Custom branding and white-labeling

    Gather reports from anyone, anywhere, using multiple SMS gateways like Twilio, Nexmo or SMSSync. Seamlessly integrate your crowdsourcing project with your organisation’s visual identity. Our designers will customize your Ushahidi deployment’s branding, look, and feel.

  • Training Tailor-made training and consulting

    Our experts can train your team online or on-site, create customised training manuals, and provide strategic consulting and support for your project.

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Previous Clients


During the Kenyan General Election in 2013, Ushahidi customized and deployed its software to map the vote and ensure a peaceful, fair election process

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World Peace Foundation

This project is designed for one purpose: to honor the memory of each person who has died or gone missing during conflict in South Sudan. You can participate by submitting the name of someone who is lost or by offering a memorial tribute.

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Iamnirbhaya Logo

The I am Nirbhaya ("I am fearless") campaign uses Ushahidi's platform to allow any citizen to report incidences of sexual and gender based violence in India, monitor and respond to the reported cases, and analyze data to find trends.

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Invisible City is a research project: we want to build a map that brings the city to life and, most importantly, captures how young people feel about it.

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Louisiana Bucket Brigade

The iWitness Pollution Map is managed by the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB) in partnership with the Gulf Monitoring Consortium (GMC). This map is a repository of eyewitness reports and photos of pollution in the Gulf Region from affected citizens, NGO’s, government agencies, and the parties responsible for the pollution.

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Solutions for many industries

  • Citizen Engagement Citizen Engagement

    Get insights into citizen opinion and usage of city amenities at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

  • Policy Civil Society

    Uncover hidden testimonials, build a compelling body of evidence, share it with the world using maps and charts.

  • International Development International Development

    Get feedback from beneficiaries country-wide and easily track distribution and report impact.

  • Election Monitoring Election Monitoring

    Get the near real-time ground truth on election day at dramatically lower cost, empower citizens to protect their democratic process.

  • Humanitarian Aid Humanitarian Aid

    Respond faster and more effectively in the critical hours after disaster strikes.

  • Marketing Marketing

    Connect with your audience, get them advocating your message, demonstrate their approval to the world.

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