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Custom Solutions

Ushahidi can build tools to solve countless data gathering, mapping, and visualization challenges. Wherever you need data from and however you need and use it, we can help.

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Easy to learn, easier to use

By building custom software with your end users in mind, we make sure our solutions are simple, intuitive, and effective.

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Leave the details to us

We can look after the hosting and maintenance of your project and keep everything running smoothly. Have special security or scaling requirements? No problem - we’ll take care of everything during planning.

Our Services

Ushahidi's software is open source. But if you need custom software beyond what is included, Ushahidi Solutions can provide these services.

  • Hand-held setup and maintenance

    We take care of setting up the site, servers, and hosting

  • Customized mapping tools

    We work with you to identify and design map-based tools to fit your exact needs

  • Interactive data visualizations

    Tell your story the way you want it to be seen and uncover hidden trends in your data

  • International solutions

    Gather reports from anyone, anywhere, using multiple SMS gateways like Twilio, Nexmo or SMSSync

  • Custom features

    Need a feature that isn’t in the platform? We’ll build it for you.

  • Custom integrations

    We will integrate our products with your existing business systems

  • Custom branding and white labeling

    Our designers will customize Ushahidi to match your visual identity

  • On-site consulting

    Have someone from the Ushahidi team visit you and provide on-site training and support

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