Uchaguzi 2017: October 26th Elections Report

After the Supreme Court of Kenya ruled to nullify the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta and a repeat election was called for, we had to immediately begin preparing to launch a second phase of Uchaguzi. The first round of Uchaguzi had enabled us to learn and understand better how the platform should work, which meant that the Ushahidi development team was able to make improvement to the platform such as implementing a data management view that made it easier for digital response teams to process incoming information.

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Ushahidi and team wins Paypal, Ebay, and Cisco’s #OpportunityHack!

Ushahidi took part in Paypal, Ebay, and Cisco’s #OpportunityHack event this past week, and our team won first place. We were part of 10 non-profits who put forth problem statements to a gathering of over 100 software developers and designers. Ushahidi stood up and put forth the problem statement of the manual process required to structure SMS and social media messages that don’t come in as organized reports via an embeddable web form or mobile app.

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My Uchaguzi Experience

By June Mwangi – Financial Controller - Kenya

Being an Accountant my days are filled with number analysis, document perusal, supplier payments and monthly financial reports. Not so during the last week of October, where the contentious second round of Kenyan presidential elections was held on the 26th of October 2017.

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Uchaguzi Reports as Results Announced

Uchaguzi joins the chorus of voices that call for all Kenyan institutions to craft solutions and structures over the next few weeks that represent the entire Kenyan nation. Full representation of all people will help bring forth both justice and peace. The Uchaguzi lines will continue to remain open to facilitate transparency and communication.

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​10/27/2017 Uchaguzi Day 2 Analysis Report

As the voting during the second elections this year draws to a close, Uchaguzi received over 2800 postings from Kenyan citizens. Of those we have successfully verified and published 530 reports. The observations have been organized into seven categories: Voting Issues, Polling Station Administration, Staffing Issues, Political Rallies, Counting & Results, Positive Events, and Security Issues. Where necessary, a reported safety event was escalated to provide help. 

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