Ushahidi users are often looking for ways to share the work they’ve done in their deployment. While we’ve long supported deployers in exporting their data to a CSV file, we released today three new ways to share: Embeds, Facebook, and Twitter.

The most requested among these is embeds, which allow deployers to insert their deployment’s map or timeline into another website. And the feature extends to survey forms and individual survey posts, as well.

This means that the most critical pieces to deployers’ ability to reach their audience -- data visualization and collection tools -- can now be embedded anywhere on the web. Just select the “Share” button at the top of any deployment’s Map, Timeline, survey, or post screens.

We’ve also improved the tools for uploading images to survey posts, ensuring post authors see a preview of their image immediately.

These new features are available to every Ushahidi deployment on the web today. So fire up your deployment and take a spin embedding your data and fine-tuning your posts.