Surveyors, Responders, and Open Source users: we have heard your cries.

We have talked you through the pain of publishing page after page after page of posts after your CSV import, and we know how frustrating it's been. While you've been patiently bearing with the manual process, we've been automating. Here's what's in our latest release... 

Configure posts' status when importing

You can configure the status (draft, published, or archived) of all posts, either by simply selecting a status for all posts in the CSV file, or importing each post's status individually in a column of the CSV.

Assign categories on imported posts

You can now assign categories to imported posts by adding a column to your CSV file defining each post's category. This can then be mapped to categories in the same way as other survey fields.

Quickly import another file

When you finish your import you can either import another CSV, or see the imported posts. 

Collections of imported posts

Each of your successful imports will now be saved in your collections as "[Date and time] Import" so you can easily find those batches of posts for further editing.

Please don't hesitate to chat with us directly from the chat box within your deployment if you have any feedback or questions.

If your deployment is on these changes are already live. If you're running an open source deployment you'll need to upgrade with the latest code.

Happy efficient bulk importing!