We pushed an update last week to the way you manage a post's status or visibility using Ushahidi. We've simplified posts' status so that they can be one of three things: under review, published, or archived.

Previously, deployers encountered a confusing dialog that let them change "Who can see" each post. Deployers told us they were really confused by this, and the vast majority chose to make posts visible to "Everyone."

Status indicators

It's just as easy to see a post's status from anywhere in Ushahidi as it is to change it.

Its status is represented by either a lock (under review), globe (published), or storage box (archived). Selecting our mousing over the indicator will also reveal a more detailed, written description of its status.

Bulk status updates

Changing the status of lots of posts has been a pain point for deployers. So we've also added the ability to change the status of multiple posts at once. When you select one or more posts in the "Timeline," you can use the "Mark as" menu to select a status for your selected posts.

New settings for surveys

Last week's update also allows you to configure the default status for new posts to each survey; either requiring review before publishing or publishing all posts immediately. Deployers can also indicate who is allowed to add posts to the survey.