It’s been all-hands-on-deck at Ushahidi this week, as we close out the remaining days before unleashing dramatic design changes next week to deployers worldwide. There’s two big features coming, however, that we’re eager to prepare you for.


We’ll be launching a new feature that makes it super-fast to upload and attach images to posts. Deployers will be able to add a custom “image” field in their surveys and allow their contributors to upload images associated with their posts. Authors can upload an image directly from their device and submit without worrying about sizing and styling.

CSV export

A long-awaited feature since re-imagining Ushahidi in October 2015, CSV export will help you analyze your deployment’s data outside of your deployment. You’ll be able to use any combination of filters to export only the data you want, or package everything up into a downloadable CSV file. Share your data with another organization or do hardcore statistical analysis. The possibilities are endless.

We’re excited to share more about these features and the major workflow enhancements next week in a detailed announcement.