Over the last couple of months after launch, we've been working on providing our users with a step by step guide on how to use the new version of the Ushahidi platform. Today, we are publishing a detailed user manual that you can download to help you familiarise yourself with features of the platform.

Download it here.

This user manual contains the following sections:-

  • An installation guide, as well as instructions on how to set up a cloud hosted deployment and select a relevant plan
  • Configuring your deployment - Guiding you on how to change your settings, configure data sources, as well as manage post types and categories
  • Managing people on your deployment - Guiding you on how to manage custom roles and users
  • Managing data on your deployment - Guiding you on how to process incoming information from various data sources
  • Visualising data on your deployment - Describing different options the platform provides for you to view data
  • Analysing data on your deployment - Guiding you on how to work with search filters, saved searches and collections.

We've also made sure to update our Support section on our website to match our new documentation.

Remember, this is merely a technical guide on navigating through the platform. We highly recommend reviewing our Deployment Strategies on our support page for insights on strategic planning around your deployment.

Feedback is welcomed, as always. Feel free to reach out to us if there are any changes or additions you would like to see made.

Would you be interested in helping get this manual available in your local language? Please get in touch with me via angela AT ushahidi DOT com, and we can work through next steps.

Thank you to Sophie Shepherd, who's work served as a basis for improvements to our documentation on how to use Ushahidi :).