Teams make critical, time-sensitive decisions using the data they collect in Ushahidi deployments every day. If they discover a report that someone was injured, they typically have to verify it and quickly pass that urgent information to responders on the ground.

We’re making that process faster and more effective soon with a new toolset called “Responder.” It includes the controls to create custom roles and permissions for your team members, to import CSV data, and to make your deployment completely private.

Ushahidi’s Mathias Antonsson announced the toolset to a resiliency panel at the United Nations COP21 Climate meeting last week in Paris. The panel included former Irish Prime Minister Mary Robinson, who is the deputy executive director of United Nations Environment Programme and director general of African Risk Capacity.

Responder will be available early this year as a paid upgrade for deployments, and is available for free to Ushahidi Open Source deployments.

New in Responder:

  • Custom roles: Responder gives deployers the tools to create a workspace for their team that respects each of its members’ unique roles, responsibilities, and access to data. We’ve included views that allows administrators to create and define as many roles as they need, and assign their team members to them. This also helps ensure your team members primarily see the data they’re responsible for, and less of the stuff they’re not.
  • CSV import: While Ushahidi deployments are accustomed to accepting data from sources like Twitter and email, Responder expands their reach to CSV-formatted data -- one of the most flexible and ubiquitous sources around. We’ve added controls for adding these datasets, whether they were collected years ago, manually, or from third-party services
  • Private deployments: Many deployments handle sensitive data -- especially those that require teams to respond quickly. So we’ve included in Responder the controls password-protect your deployment, keeping your data and sources secure.


Responder will be available to deployments for $499 per month, which includes the added capacity to store 5,000 posts and create unlimited Post Types.

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