When things change on your Ushahidi deployment, it’s critical that you know right away. To help you keep track of these changes, and trends that develop, we created a new “Activity” view that lives inside every deployment.

Activity is rolling out today to Ushahidi.com Surveyor deployments and Ushahidi Open Source deployments.

The new view includes a timeline of all activity over time, as well as charts that visualize the active posts, categories, and regions on your deployment. You can view activity across the lifetime of your deployment, or narrow your view to activity from the past month or week.

Log in to your deployment today and select “Activity” from its menu to give it a try.

Don’t miss a beat

Activity offers a quick look at the pulse of your deployment while you’re managing it. But what about when you’re busy with another task, or on the move?

To help keep you up to speed with the most important activity on your deployment, we’ve also expanded the reach of notifications. Beginning today, users on all Ushahidi.com Surveyor and Ushahidi Open Source deployments can turn on email and SMS notifications for the Collections and Saved Searches they choose, alerting them to the addition of posts that matter to them most.

To take advantage of these new notification choices, log in to your deployment, visit any Collection or Saved Search, and select “Add notification” immediately next to its name. You can always manage your notifications by first selecting your display name from the deployment’s menu, and then “Notifications.”

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