We are happy to announce another release of SMSsync complete with bug fixes and code improvements. We want to encourage you upgrade to this version as it fixes several key issues, especially with Task Checking and Message Result API features. smssync_logo Here is what's new and improved in this release: Features
  • Refactor how responses from server are processed.
  • Switched to using GSON for JSON de/serializations
  • Huge improvements to how to access/store preference values
  • Remove survey feedback form
  • Switch to using OkHttp library as the main http client.
  • Start using mockito for testing
  • Add more debug info to log messages.
  • Fix issue with server not sending message from server as SMS
  • Fix broken sync scheme's configurations
  • Fix so message result api processes the response
Visit SMSsync release pages for more information, and join the SMSsync community on Google+. As always, we welcome feedback, questions, bug reports to this release and suggestions for enhancement to future releases. You can always reach out to us via our github issues pageForumsdev mailing list or IRC freenode.net #ushahidi. If you're on earlier versions of SMSSync, head on over to the Google play store and get updated to this latest version. Best, Team Ushahidi