It's LIVE! Ushahidi v3.0.0-beta.11 is out! 3.03-2 Take it out for a spin on our demo site, but keep in mind that this is not ready for production, but we continue to get closer. This is milestone 2 of 3 towards the first non-beta release! The next milestone release will be in January. NOTE: Items marked with (f) are frontend changes. Items marked with (b) are backend changes.

What’s New?

  • (f) Site settings page completed
  • (f) Post create and edit forms in progress
  • (f) User management screen in progress


  • (b) Several endpoints transitioned to new architecture:
    • Sets
    • Users
    • Posts GeoJSON
  • (b) Entity classes now track state changes
  • (f) Fix layout issues in chrome
  • (f) Move to module-based file organization in client
  • (f) Improved feedback during login

How Can I help?




  • Join our discussions on IRC and the mailing list

Attention v2.x deployers! We appreciate you and we *STILL* need you :)!

We are grateful for you, the Ushahidi community for all your input and feedback! Do feel free to reach out to any of us with questions, comments and concerns. In the meantime, stay tuned on our blog, meetup page, twitter, facebook page and wiki for more announcements. Best, Team Ushahidi