[caption id="attachment_15893" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Tahrir Sqaure, Egypt during Arab Spring Tahrir Sqaure, Egypt during Arab Spring[/caption] Every one of the social movements that used the Ushahidi Platform, from disaster response to election monitoring to municipal services, have succeeded because of lowering the barriers for using the platform. While there are key needs across all deployers of the platform, every  movement and every cause has its own unique needs. Enter customizable platforms that enable people with little tech expertise to setup and use a tool that feels like it was built just for them. This is what I will be attempting to talk about at OSCON Ignite this Sunday night in Portland. Hopefully my team will manage to keep me properly seated on the Ballmer curve and it won't be a complete disaster. Please stop by if you are attending OSCON or just live in Portland. You can contact me on twitter @shadowhand. Hope to see you there!