We are pleased to announce the release of SMSSync v2.6 beta. This release includes several fixes to issues with previous versions and minor features . Here’s a breakdown of what has been improved and fixed: Features:
  • Replaced Action Bar Sherlock library with ActionBarCompat support library.
  • Upgraded Google Analytics library to V3.
  • Replaced the dropdown widget which is used for setting the frequencies for the schedulers with a time picker widget. Now you can set any time for the schedulers and not restricted to the predefined ones.
  • Now Task messages appear in the pending tray before they are attempted to be sent as SMS. This makes it possible to automatically or manually processed them when they fail to be sent as SMS.
  • Now sent and delivered SMS status codes are processed. You will know why a message failed to be sent, when a message is successfully sent and when possible, if a messages was delivered.
  • Action Bar Contextual Menu now has 'selected' appended to the selection count label. Makes reading the count more meaningful.
  • Added KitKat, Android 4.4.x support. Now you can set SMSSync as your default messaging app.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed duplicate call to ‘readLogs @Produce’ function which causes the application to crash unexpectedly.
  • Fixed issues with configured secret key not able to match with the one set on the server when it has spaces.
  • Fixed issue with app crashing on some devices when checking for a connection before attempting a sync process after the device has finished booting.
Appreciation: This release wouldn’t have come sooner if it hadn’t be the huge efforts of our community. Special thanks goes out to SolDevelo team for working on  the features and bug fixes for this release and also to the MedicMobile team for putting us in touch with them. As always, thank you the community for your continued contributions through bug reports, feature request and code contributions Download: If you’re on earlier version of SMSSync, head on over to the Google play store and get updated to this latest version. You can also scan the QR code below to install it on your Android device. Feedback: We welcome feedback, questions, bug reports to this release and suggestions for enhancement to future releases. You can always reach out to us via our github issues page, Forums, dev mailing list or IRC, freenode.net #ushahidi or our Google+ page