Wow, this has been a wild ride. With just under 30 hours to go, we have 981 backers and $153,893 contributed. Huge! Your support has made all the difference. We are humbled. BRCK_Ush Everyone's comments have been greatly appreciated as well. It’s helped inform some final parts of our design process BRCK v1 and given us some great ideas for v2. In this last day of the kickstarter, help us get the word out to an even wider network.  We have to admit, it would be awesome to break 1000 supporters, it just has the magic number feel. So if you could email one friend, post, or tweet out, it would mean the world to us. Here is a sample tweet you could use:
"24 hours left in #BRCK Kickstarter 1000 supporters for @brcknet would be so cool! Last chance - Please RT!"
We plan to have an online pre-ordering system for people who miss the boat here, but all Kickstarter supporters are going to be first in line, so now is your chance to get one of the first BRCKs! We also have one of the big prizes left - the Silicon Savannah BRCK Safari. An epic trip around Kenya with the Ushahidi gang to product test the BRCK in all sorts of wild environments. From rhino charges to coastal excursions, from the iHub to anything else we can dream up - it'll be a trip to remember, guaranteed. And lastly, thank you all again so much. The Ushahidi Gang